Tutorial ©Jascie July 9, 2005

Artwork ©Carlos Cartagena www.carloscartagena.com

This is an example only! Do not use his artwork with out proper licensing!

Please visit Artistically Inclined Licensing for information on puchasing his artwork.


Things you will need:

Paint Shop Pro

Animation Shop

Tube of choice

Font of choice

Brushes of choice

A Saying, Poem or Lyric of choice


 Okay lets start, remember to save often and name all your layers as they are made.

Open a new image 450 x 325 transparent background.

Flood fill with a dark color from your tube. Go Selections - Select All.

Then go Selections - Modify - Contract by 2.

Go Selections - Invert and flood fill with another color from your tube.

Go Selections - Invert - Modify - Contract by 10.

Then flood fill the centre with the same color.

Rename this layer background.

Add a new raster layer rename brush 1 and set your foreground color to the dark tube color.

Use your brush tool and add some brush effects to this layer.

Add a new raster layer rename brush 2 now change the foreground color to white.

Add some more different brush effects, also set this layer to blend mode luminance legacy.

Now its time to add a favorite saying poem or lyric.

Open a new image make it big enough for your text and add your text to it with your background color set at your dark color and no foreground color.

Once you have your text set in place go File - Export - Custom brush and name your brush and click ok.

Now in your brush options your new brush should be there.

Click on it.

Go back to your background image activate your background layer and add a new layer, name it text 1.

Add your text as many times as you want (play around with it- rotate it....make it bigger or smaller) once done set the blend mode to dodge.

Add another layer rename it text 2 and do the same as the text 1 layer but this time set your blend mode to darken.

Now go to your layer palette and hide your backgrond layer and your text layers. Activate one of your brush layers and go Layers - Merge - Merge Visable, rename this layer brushes and hide this layer when done.

Now unhide your text layers, and merge these visible rename text.

Activate your brushes layer (do not unhide it) and add a new raster layer rename it original.

In your brush options click on the +Round 10 brush preset, set this at size 15.

Now with your circle brush make a line of circles (I put 6 but these can vary depending on what you want) close to the bottom right corner inside your selection.

Once you are satisfied that you have enough and they are in a straight line set your blend mode on this layer to darken.

Go Selections -Select None.

Duplicate this layer and go image flip rename this layer flipped.

Hide your flipped layer and activate the original.

Duplicate this layer 2 times renaming them o1,o2, and o3.

Hide o2 and o3 and activate o1 once more.

Now take your eraser tool and erase every third circle, hide o1 and unhide o2 erase every circle to the left of the o1 layer.

Then hide o2, activate the o3 layer and erase the circles to the left of the o2 layer.

Once done unhide all three of these layers and make sure all your circles are still there.

Repeat these steps for your flipped layer.

Now hide all these layers except for o1 and f1 merge these two visible, hide this layer and rename ciircles 1.

Unhide o2 and f2 and merge visable hide this layer an rename circles 2.

Unhide o3 and f3 and merge visable hide this layer and rename circles 3.

Now you to your text layer and set the blend mode to overlay(optional).

Add a new raster layer and rename it Watermark , and add any watermarks copyright info ect that is needed on the tag.

Add your text font.

Now go Image - Canvas size and set at these settings:

size - 600 x 600 and placement - center

Now add your tube as a new raster layer and rename it tube.

Add a drop shadow of your choice to your tube and your background layers.

Crop the image now to your desire.

Now open up your animation shop and minimize.

Back in PSP go to your layers pallete and unhide all of your layers but circles 2 and circles 3.

Now Go Edit - Copy - Copy Merged maxmize AS and paste as a new image.

Go back to PSP and hide your circles 1 layer and unhide your circles 2 layer.

Go Edit - Copy - Copy Merged, go back to AS and right click the image and to paste paste after current frame.

Go back to PSP hide your circles 2 layer and unhide your circles 3 layer go edit copy copy merged go back to animation shop and click on image and paste after current frame.

You should now have three frames in animation shop.<br>Go Edit - Select All then go Animation - Frame properties and set at 20.

Now Save it!

Ta Da! You're Done!



Feel free to text link only or print out for own personal use. But do not copy it in anyway to put online, pass out, use for profit or rewrite without my permission.