All tutorial creations I have made in Paint Shop Pro and are completely original.

Any similarity is purely coincidental.

Although my ideas cannot be copyrighted, the expression of a concept or idea can be.

Therefore you may not copy/script/email/file share/translate, make a profit from or rewrite my tutorials in anyway.

If you are a group owner/moderator and would like to share a tutorial with your group, feel free to text link only!

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Tutorials registered with Tutorial Writers Inc. (no longer in business)

• As the years have passed many of the artists I use in may tutorial images, have retired or switched companies and in some circumstances opened new personal websites to sell their images and tubes. Please keep in mind that the tutorial images I have made, including my own licensing information for each individual artist, is the correct information at the time I bought the images/tubes. All the links I provide in the tutorials are the current and up to date information on the artist.  •

•• Also please be aware that my some of my signature tags for my tutorials are PG 13 Rated in nature! There is no nudity. However there is some cleavage and bare bottoms. Please keep this in mind, if you don't want to view or lil' ones to see. ••

All new tutorials will be announced on my Blog, and will be highlighted with stars in the side menu.

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